Oct 18 2012

Memphis Tigers have done it again! Over 20,000 fans came out to the Fed Ex forum Friday. Memphis Madness has officially hyped the city for the upcoming season. Everyone is to be on the lookout for this dynamic squad! If you didn’t come to the show we have exclusive inside footage, an all access pass! Fans experienced just a sneak peak of what to expect this season.
The three point shoot out was dominated by Adonis Thomas. Did you see those shoes? Yes, they were neon green. “Exotic” is what Thomas calls them. Reigning slam dunk champion, D.J. Stephens put on yet another show of course.
Fans saw the amazing strength from Stephens in the most popular event. Was he flying?? That dunk was incredible!! Judges, Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, Penny Hardaway, and Tony Wroten declared it an all around ten!
Switching it up from previous years, the Tigers honored past basketball players during a segment they called, “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger.” Participation from previous players such as Penny Hardaway, Dwight Boyd, Shawn Taggart and the well known Elliot Perry made the event more interesting. The alumni proved they still got it, assisting the Tigers in a timed shoot around.
Unlike previous years a special guest performance was not scheduled. No big deal. The Fed Ex Forum had no problem filling seats. True Tiger fans showed up to see their home team and special guest were not needed.
There is no doubt that the city of Memphis enjoyed themselves and the festivities at Memphis Madness. The countdown for the upcoming season has officially started!