Oct 31 2012

Defense!  Defense!  Defense!  Oh sorry I thought the season had started already, after watching Tuesday nights practice.  The Tiger defense is coming together.  In a spirited practice that had intensity, hustle and yes a lot of defense, the Tiger squad looks like the hard work of the first few weeks of practice is really paying off.

It started with cut-throat rebounding and lead to a scrimmage that had me on the edge of my seat.  Tarik Black was told by coach Pastner to call for the ball and he did.  Black showed why his scoring percentage was 68.9 last season.


Stan Simpson and Damien Wilson also both stepped up their defensive pressure and Shaq Goodwin showed great shooting touch and passing ability.

However, some of the most spirited plays came from the backcourt.  Chris Crawford and Antonio Barton both made big shots for the Blue and the White teams respectively.   And Joe Jackson and Geron Johnson went toe to toe with each other for the entire practice.

Things are really looking good for Tiger Nation with this kind of practice early in the season and Insidetigerbasketball.com will be here to give you the inside track on the team’s progress.

The Tigers are set to scrimmage the University of Alabama on Saturday.  Go Tigers Go!!!!!!!!